Please take a moment to review the City of Eastpointe's map Snow Removal Priorities map.

Red: Priority I
Blue: Priority II


It is the policy of the Eastpointe Public Works Department that proper salting and plowing procedures be provided to assure safe and clean streets to Eastpointe residents during inclement weather. Below are the city's policies on road salting and plowing.


After normal working hours, the Police Department issues calls for roads to be salted. The Police Department contacts the Public Works Supervisor, who in turn assesses the situation and calls in the necessary manpower to correct the problem. If the Public Works Supervisor feels the need for salting, they need not wait for a call from the Police Department before affecting the call-in. In standard emergency situations, only two salt trucks are utilized in salting Gratiot and the Major Roads. Salt conservation (sensible salting) has been stressed to all employees.

In the event the city experiences an accumulation of 2" of snow on Major Roads, or lack of traffic to make salting more effective, additional personnel will be called in to plow back the snow before any more salt is applied.

Priority II Roads (designated fire lanes and school locations) are also salted lightly so as to maintain a clear pathway for emergency vehicles such as Police and Fire.

Priority III Roads (balance of Local Streets) are salted only when it is necessary to alleviate hazardous conditions as determined by the Police Department. Priority III's are only salted during normal working hours. In general, only the intersections of Priority III's are salted if deemed hazardous.

It should also be understood that weather conditions make each call-out a unique situation to be addressed at that time making it impossible to set forth stringent or specific guidelines to follow. 


A snow emergency will be declared when there is at least 4" of snow. At this time we will initiate the plowing of all city streets.

The procedure for a citywide plow-out is as follows:

  • The Public Works Supervisor contacts the Director of Public Works and Service.
  • The Director of Public Works and Service assesses the situation.
  • If accumulation of snow is of such depth so as to be dangerous to public safety and thus necessitating a City wide plow-out, then the Director will contact the City Manager first (or if not available, then the Assistant City Manager) to evaluate the snow condition to concur that a snow emergency does exist. If so, then the Mayor shall be contacted to declare the snow emergency. 
  • Once a snow emergency is declared, then the City Manager's Office notifies any local media and cable TV stations, etc.
  • The Department of Public Works begins/continues plowing of all City streets.
  • When all streets have been plowed, then the Mayor lifts the snow emergency.


PRIORITY I Roads Include

  • Gratiot & turn-arounds
  • Toepfer 
  • Hayes 
  • Stephens 
  • Nine Mile
  • Kelly
  • Beaconsfield - Nine Mile to Eight Mile 
  • Old Eight Mile – Beaconsfield to Eight Mile 

PRIORITY II Roads Include

  • Phlox (10 Mile to Stephens)
  • Bell (Phlox to Flower)
  • Grove (Stephens to 9 Mile Road)
  • Couzens (Linwood to Gratiot)
  • Linwood (Nehls to 9 Mile Road)
  • Nehls (Beechwood to Linwood)
  • Beechwood (9 Mile to Toepfer)
  • Crescentwood (Gratiot to Beechwood)
  • Lambrecht (10 Mile to 9 Mile Road)
  • Bell (Gratiot to Lambrecht)
  • Schroeder (10 Mile to 9 Mile Road)
  • Roxana (10 Mile to Stephens)
  • Forest (Schroeder to Kelly)
  • Semrau (David to Lambrecht)
  • David (Stephens to 9 Mile)
  • Hofer (Stephens to Aurora)
  • Virginia (9 Mile to Toepfer)
  • Pleasant (Aurora to Toepfer)
  • Shakespeare (9 Mile to 8 Mile Road)
  • Crusade (Toepfer to 8 Mile Road) 
  • Universal (Toepfer to 8 Mile)
  • Redmond (Toepfer to Veronica)
  • Veronica (Redmond to Universal)
  • Wilmot (9 Mile to Toepfer)
  • Raven (Toepfer to Mott)
  • Beaconsfield (Spindler to 9 Mile Road)
  • Spindler (Johnston to Beaconsfield)
  • Johnston (10 Mile to Spindler)


Remainder of public streets.

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