Ever think about what your property taxes and State taxes pay for? All of your property tax payments pay directly for the following services, and a portion of your State taxes comes back to Eastpointe in the form of Shared Revenue. You can see a history of your property tax payments here.

From when Alysa and I bought our home December 15, 2011, we have paid $12,677.83 in property taxes (through 2018 Winter and Summer taxes).

For example, my Summer and Winter taxes are below:

Property Taxes 2018 Summer

Property Taxes 2018 Winter

Observing suspicious activity? Is your house on fire? Is your neighbor's house on fire? Witnessed a crime? Is a driver swerving? Did you have a heart attack? These are all reasons to call 911 and put your tax dollars to work - including the 14 mills for SMORSA. Eastpointe has a highly qualified police department and fire department ready to serve you. The police department and fire department are all in-house, while our medical team, Medstar Ambulance, is contracted.

File an online Police Report here, or please call 911 immediately for an emergency. Also, the City coordinates with CrimeMapping.com to map out crime data across the City. Residents can stay informed about what is going on in their neck of the woods.

Plan ahead for emergencies by signing up for Smart911. With this service you can provide important personal information so that if or when an emergency arises our emergency responders will be able to assist more quickly.


Assuming the contract is approved by the City Council, Eastpointe will be contracting with Macomb County for animal control services as of December 1, 2018.


Funding for roads in the City originates from legislation passed in 1951: Act 51. We categorize our street into Major Streets and Local Streets, and the City Council determines what streets are repaved. Some years we are also able to spend Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding on roads.

Our Civil Engineering firm Anderson, Eckstein and Westrick (AEW), handles not only roads, but also water main and sewer maintenance throughout the City. The City has funding to repair water mains and sewers from funds collected via water bills. Each property owner in the City is responsible for a water and sewer bill (which also includes refuse). The Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) provides fresh drinking water to the City, and our sewage is handled via the Southeast Macomb Sanitary District (SMSD).

Refuse is handled by Green For Life, formerly Rizzo. Residents pay for refuse via their water bill. The City is party of the South Macomb Disposal Authority (SMDA).

The City owns the land of our parks, but the Recreational Authority of Roseville and Eastpointe (RARE) administers the programs run at each of those parks and our recreational center at 18185 Sycamore, Roseville 48066 (586-445-5480 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

The authority sends out a seasonal booklet of programs, which includes recreational trips to Cedar Point or Detroit Tigers games, activities such as gym time, drawing classes, and archery classes, among other exciting activities!

The City contracts with Assessment Administration Services, LLC for assessing services. In 2015, the City's Assessor and Appraiser positions were vacant, and it was the most prudent option to contract with a vendor as opposed to keeping in-house staff. The current contract can be found by clicking here.


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