Goetz Park was recently only a field, with bags to pickup after your dog (and a sign too!). It now has a playscape for multiple ages of children, many nice benches, and an easier way to access it. The upgrades to this park were huge, and Goetz Park is now a park we can be proud of!

  • July 18, 2020: Goetz Park groundbreaking
  • August 20, 2020: Goetz Park ribbon cutting

Many months before this point, I suggested to the City Council that we put an ad hoc committe together to suggest updates to our Ethics Ordinance. The ad hoc committee was formed, and residents Mike Klinefelt, Gary Lippard, and Walter Martin volunteered their time. Councilman Rob Baker and I were also members of the committee. The committee had a handful of meetings, and then proposed an ordinance to the City Council. 

The updated ordinance now includes additional ethical standards, and a board that can determin if the standards are violated. This ordinance update is a huge step forward with ensuring the government of Eastpointe keeps the public trust.

Because our two cities were proposing a millage together, via the South Macomb Oakland Regional Services Authority, we held a joint City Council meeting to discuss any items that would apply to both cities. This meeting helped us stay on message together, and eventually pass the millage and save our cities.

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