As we did last year, shown is the fiscal year 2021-2022 water bill explained. The rates have been updated. The combined water and sewer treatment rate increase is 2% from last year, based on usage. Originally, City Administration proposed a 4.5% increase, and we were able to work it down to 2%.

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Wednesday, June 2 at 6pm we will be having a Special Meeting to brainstorm ideas for Nine Mile. Please come out and share your thoughts! Or, share them here!

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The water bill has been an issue I have been addressing for many years now, beginning with the budget process in early 2017. Our City Administration at the time suggested astronomical increases that did not level with reality. I understood that rates needed to be increased, but not by a roughly 35% average. I have been working on fairer water rate increases since then.

Water Bill 2017 Minutes

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