The Ethics Ordinance update was passed today! We can now hold our elected officials and city management more accountable. The complaints will be handled by a separate board from the City Council (since 2011 the City Council would have to had handled ethics complaints), a separate five-person board that has one member each appointed by City Council.

The final Ordinance can be found here.

It is essential that we conduct successful elections in the State next week, as well as in August and November. Eastpointe does not have an election next week, but it will in August and November.

The United States conducted elections during the Civil War, in the midst of World War II, and while the Spanish Flu pandemic was ravaging the country in 1918. Read why it is important to have on time elections in August and November, from two of the folks that help conduct elections in our State, including our own County Clerk, Fred Miller.

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