Macomb County has a kitty cam to promote adoption of the shelter's kittens. The live cam was pitched at the State of the County tonight, and Molly was brought out by the County Executive. Hopefully the cam brings not only entertainment, but also more kitten adoptions!

Now that the City of Eastpointe has signed a Consent Decree (which included a Memorandum of Understanding) with the Department of Justice, and that Consent Decree has been approved by a US District Court Judge, it is time to implement Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV). On June 4, 2019, the City issued a Press Release.

The City is continually working on an education plan for ranked-choice voting. A website, has been put together to share informatoin as efficiently and effectively as possible. This video is also a quick explanation of the ranked-choice voting process. Also, the City put together a succint flyer describing ranked-choice voting.

FairVote has created a new video about why ranked-choice voting is so important. Please watch it below.

FairVote has also put together a website that simulates ranked-choice elections. Vote in the same election seen on Eastpointe's ranked-choice voting flyers here!

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