Ruth Bader Ginsburg has left a positive impact on the world that anyone would aspire to. She worked hard for gender equality, and was successful in many ways. Before RBG's legal career, there were laws that distinguished on gender with jobs, rights, and even jury duty. 

The awards for the First Responder Hazard Pay Premiums Program (FRHPPP) have been announced. The City received $63,259. Feel free to browse the list and check out what other communities have received. The State and Federal Governments have been doing a decent job supporting local communities, and their first responders.

Yesterday, quarterly campaign finance statements were due for many candidates and elected officials.

As during my campaign for Mayor, I am providing a link to my report. The report is a bit boring, as $0.00 raised or expended is reported, but I believe it is important to provide accurate, on-time financial reports as required by law.

These are not public tax dollars, but I know that as an elected official, I hold the public's trust, and I try to be as transparent as possible.

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