Recently, Governor Whitmer issued an Executive Order (EO) requiring individuals to wear maks in indoor spaces and crowded outdoor areas. The EO also requires businesses that are open to the public refuse entry/service to people not wearing a mask, with some exceptions. This is of course a change from the previous recommendation.

There are two ways to look at wearing a mask. One way is: the government requiring me to wear a mask is tyranny and overreach. The second, and better way is: of course I don't want to wear a mask, but I also do not want to be the one responsible for someone else getting COVID-19, and possibly dying. The most important reason for everyone to wear masks is so that healthy, asymptomatic folks are not unknowingly infecting others. Your "right" not to wear a mask does not outweigh the health and safety of anyone you come into contact with.

Let's assume all the science is wrong for a second. We all wear masks for a year, or even two. We are inconvenienced? We "look silly" for a year or two? Don't even try the "slippery slope" argument, where wearing masks turns into some sort of sinister plan to take folks individual & civil rights away. You know that no one will be wearing masks once there's a vaccine and the virus disappears, and the government will not even be suggesting the idea. The alternative is that we don't wear masks, and the pandemic lasts more than two years, and the United States of America is the last country on earth with COVID-19 cases (and the most deaths per population). It is looking that way right now, as we "lead" the world in total deaths, at 135,000+. The next closest country is Brazil, with less than 80,000.. The next closest country is Brazil, with less than 80,000.

We are not flattening the curve. Let's work together, get to flattening that curve, and save lives. Wear a mask. WeAr a MaSk. WEAR A MASK.

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