Looking for something cool to do today, without leaving home? Check out the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant... in 3D! Not only can you check out the museum, but you can go on a scavenger hunt for Eastpointe's own Halfway 1921 Model T Chemical Fire Truck. How long will it take you to find it?

Hit the homepage and scroll down just a bit to explore the museum in 3D... https://www.fordpiquetteplant.org

The water bill has been an issue I have been addressing for many years now, beginning with the budget process in early 2017. Our City Administration at the time suggested astronomical increases that did not level with reality. I understood that rates needed to be increased, but not by a roughly 35% average. I have been working on fairer water rate increases since then.

Water Bill 2017 Minutes

Recently, I have been contacted by a lot of residents, stating that their yard waste was being dumped in with their garbage when picked up. Then, I witnessed this myself at my own home, caught even by Ring doorbell. Why? Why is this happening? I have asked our City Administration to reach out to GFL and discuss this with them.

We are paying for, and expect that our yard waste be cared for separately, as we do not need to fill landfills with yard waste. Our contract (linked document has expired, but the contract was extended for five years as provided in the contract) states: "The cost for collection and disposal of yard waste materials, including disposal fees to an acceptable composting site or facility, shall be included in the unit cost for...". To me that sounds like we are paying for it and expect it.

But recently I have also read about many issues with solid waste, not only relating to yard waste, but also recycling. Please check out this article by NPR, and also the video below.

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