The water bill has been an issue I have been addressing for many years now, beginning with the budget process in early 2017. Our City Administration at the time suggested astronomical increases that did not level with reality. I understood that rates needed to be increased, but not by a roughly 35% average. I have been working on fairer water rate increases since then.

Water Bill 2017 Minutes

  • 2018 Budget
    • I voted FOR the budget this time, because I was able to convince City Council to agree to a 0% increase from the large increases the previous year, while also having a third-party rate study completed (the study ended up NOT being a third-party when we awarded the contract, as it was awarded to our current civil engineering firm, so I voted against that specific motion).
    • City Council Meeting Minutes

Water Bill 2018 Minutes

  • 2019 Budget
    • I voted against the budget as I did in 2017, after trying to convince my colleagues to vote with me, unsuccessfully, to lower water and sewer rate increases.
    • City Council Meeting Minutes

Water Bill 2019 Minutes

  • 2020 Budget
    • Changed my tactic in 2020, voting in favor of the budget, but negotiated a change with City Council to 2% from the proposed 8.3% combined water/sewer increase by City Administration.
    • City Council Meeting Minutes

Water Bill 2020 Minutes

  • 2021 Budget
    • The budget has not been voted on yet, but City Administration again proposed a 4.5% combined water/sewer increase, and City Council negotiated it down to 2% as a preliminary vote ahead of the final vote on the budget.
    • This article was written on May 16, 2021, and the final vote on the budget is expected to be June 15, 2021. City Council will be meeting May 18, and June 1, before the June 15 meeting occurs, at 7pm each day. Please voice your opinion during Hearing of the Public. Or, you can find email addresses for each City Council member here.

My new plan is that once we have our "rainy day" reserve again (25-30% of annual General Fund revenues in the water/sewer fund), I will bring up a discussion on rates again. At that point, we should be able to adjust downward, or minimally keep rates level for many years.

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