The Macomb Daily covered the city's transition from internal combusion vehicles to electric vehicles for its code enforcement fleet. Find the article here.

“The reason for moving to electric vehicles is, for me, environmental,” said Councilman Cardi DeMonaco Jr. who voted in support of the plan. “We need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions drastically by the end of the decade to prevent irreversible damage to the climate. Returning our gas-powered vehicles and instead investing in electric vehicles will allow Eastpointe to reduce its carbon footprint.”

“Some may say, ‘Eastpointe cannot afford electric vehicles.’ I say, ‘Eastpointe cannot afford NOT to invest in electric vehicles, and therefore the environment’,” said DeMonaco. “Do you think our posterity will wish we would have saved a little money on a few cars, or would they have rather we addressed climate change head on?”

The Eastpointe Cruisin' Gratiot committee came forward with their annual Special Event Application for the Gratiot Cruise. My general thoughts are that this event should be delayed until 2022, but if the right measures can be taken, and the State guidelines set according to science allow, I think a modified version of the normal Cruise could occur. Read here for an article from The Macomb Daily about it.

“I love the cruise, I just think right now, the outdoor limit is 300 people at this kind of event and you are saying in the application you are expecting 80,000 people,” said DeMonaco. “I am just not sure the state guidelines will allow for an event like this.”

The Macomb Daily covered our police department and how they are now outfitted with body-worn cameras. Check out the article here.

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