You can help the City by enrolling in direct pay for your water bill out of a checking account. Doing so will save the City time and thus money in personnel costs not having to process a handwritten check. Please consider signing up for this service. Your water bill payment will be deducted at the same time each month - exactly on the 21st, or the immediately next business day shall it fall on the weekend or a bank holiday.

Also, you can help the City be supplying your email address on the form. Emails of the bill save the City money - the City no longer has to send a paper bill in an evelope through the mail and pay postage. Your bill also immediately shows up in your inbox, and you have a digital archive of it.

To enroll, click here, fill out the form, and then mail it to City Hall or drop it off in the drop box at City Hall.

Please help the City!

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