Ruth Bader Ginsburg has left a positive impact on the world that anyone would aspire to. She worked hard for gender equality, and was successful in many ways. Before RBG's legal career, there were laws that distinguished on gender with jobs, rights, and even jury duty. 

In Moritz v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Bader Ginsburg argued successfully for her client, that he was being discriminated against for being male. He was not able to get a tax deduction, simply for the fact that he was a man.

As a Supreme Court Justice in 1996, in United States of America v. Virginia Military Institute, she wrote that the college's policy "denies to women, simply because they are women, full citizenship stature—equal opportunity to aspire, achieve, participate in and contribute to society based on their individual talents and capacities." She wrote the majority opinion in the 7-1 decision.

In 2007, in Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Justice Bader Ginsburg wrote the dissent on the 5-4 ruling, a dissent stating that Ledbetter could not have possibly sued within the 180 day statute of limitations, if she did not know that her pay was not equal to men. 

I believe that the only way to make real change is one step at a time, and Justice RBG made a lot of steps for positive change. Her dedication to justice in the United States of America will be felt forever.

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