Ever since the City switched (mostly) from conrete fixes instead of asphalt for side streets, I think we have made great progress on fixing the damn roads. And I mean fixing the roads in the LONG TERM. Ashpalt provides a quick fix, but for the City Council to be back at it again 15 years later when the road starts falling apart and needs a full fix again. With concrete we can fix a little at a time for a smaller amount of money, and the materal lasts much longer.

SEMCOG provides an analysis of roads, and while the percentage of Poor roads has increased by more than double, we are at a point where we can prevent the Fair and Good roads from falling into disrepair in the Poor category. It will take many years to fix the rest of the Poor roads, but during that time we can prevent the rest from falling into Poor (other than the few roads we fixed using asphalt).

SEMCOG Roads Comparison 2007 to 2020 2021

Article and map history of roads...

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