The Beautification Commission meets regularly on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at City Hall. The commission's duties are outlined in the City's Ordinances. Members must be nominated by the Mayor and subject to approval by a majority vote of the City Council. The commission can be emailed using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Position Member Term Ends
Chair Lynn Salafia December 31, 2020
Vice Chair Betty Bishop December 31, 2019
Secretary Craig Wodecki December 31, 2020
Treasurer  Paul Kolbe December 31, 2021
  Tonia Gladney December 31, 2021
  Desire Lindsey December 31, 2022
  Sene Denise Murril December 31, 2022
  Pamela Russell December 31, 2022
  VACANT December 31, 2021
  VACANT December 31, 2022
  VACANT December 31, 2023
City Council Co-Liaison Cardi DeMonaco Jr  
Staff Liaison Joe Merucci  
Vendor Liaison Mary Demsich  


Beautification Awards

The Beautification Commission each year recognizes the effort of many residents and businesses in maintaining their property. These residents not only keep their property clean, but they go above and beyond with landscaping and other eye-catching additions. There are always many homes to acknowledge, but the Beautification Commission has the tough task of cutting the list to about 10 or 15 properties. Each year a ceremony is held, and the winners share the story of their property. The winners were featured in The Eastsider, and the article can be found here. The history of winners can be found here. This year's ceremony can be found below, along with a presentation here:



There are flowerbeds throughout the City that gracious volunteers maintain. Are you interested in one? We will put a nice sign in your flowerbed with your name, your family's name, your business, or your organization on it. Many volunteers put many hours into these beds. It's not easy! Please be sure you can put the time in, and we will help you plan it, and possibly help with things such as mulch. Contact me for more information, or view the City's flyer here.

Memorial Trees

Have you seen trees throughout the City with a plaque at the base? Those are Memorial Trees, dedicated to family members or friends of Eastpointe residents. You can dedicate one yourself, for $200 (which covers the cost of the planting and plaque), by sending in this application.

Earth Day Litter Clean Up and Eat Up

Each year the Beautification Commission and other wonderful volunteers take to the streets of Eastpointe and cleanup the litter that builds up over the winter. Earth Day is April 22nd each year, and we will try to schedule the cleanup as close to that date as possible.


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