Elizabeth Warren, a Presidential candidate until recently, had finished This Fight is Our Fight after the 2016 election. She speaks about how the economy is not setup to work for those who need a fair economy most. The economy makes the rich richer, as opposed to the average worker sharing in the increased profits. The middle class will disappear if there is no chance for upward mobility. She explains how this is not the time to loosen regluations (if there ever is a time). Folks should not be profiting by abusing the environment or contributing to climate change. The government should instead be incentivizing the opposite. We want to leave a clean planet, and well, a livable planet at all, for our posterity.

The recession in 2008 should be embedded in the minds of all, but Congress is already working, and has already worked on, removing regulations put in place after that tragedy. Warren is responsible for the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an organization that has already returned $12 billion to those that have been swindled. Anyone interested in Presidential politics, the economy, and the middle class, should read this book.

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