Sly James was Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, from 2011 to 2019. There are not many books on municipal government, so this was an interesting read. Sly was mayor in a strong-mayor system. His position was full-time, meaning that he was the leader of the Executive branch of government, while the City Council, which would have a President, ran the Legislative branch. Sly has an every-other-chapter strategy, with one chapter being his personal story, and the next being about politics. Personally, I felt like his take on municipal government was quite refreshing, but had a cynical view on partisan politics. He had a plan he called the Four E Agenda: Education, Employment, Efficiency, and Enforcement. He was a lawyer before becoming Mayor, and a Marine during the Vietnam Era prior to that. He's a passionate individual, and the residents of Kansas City were lucky to have him as the City's leader for eight years.

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