The author has ten tenets of creating a vibrant, walkable city. His favorite, and my favorite also, is trees. Planting trees along a road has many pros, including beautification and reducing stormwater runoff. He discusses how making a street feel smaller, slows traffic and creates a more friendly environment for all. When people are walking, businesses are thriving. When cars are more careful, folks walk. 

There are many points this author makes that Eastpointe could adopt. I believe the author would say that our Nine Mile does not protect pedestrians, and that is why fewer people walk. When cars are traveling 35-40 MPH, and there are small buffer zones, most people will not choose to walk. When there are few trees and other landscape, the walk could be more interesting. When the street feels so wide, less people will walk. Adding bike lanes and more street parking would create a better environment for not only pedestrians but also businesses. The ideas will be endless if you read this book!

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