Alysa and I were lucky enough to travel to Florida over the holiday break, and our favorite pastime is buying books, so of course I picked one up while in Florida. We came across a book of all inaugural speeches of all the Florida governors. As you can imagine, it is not the most exhiliarting of books, but it is interesting to see over time what was interesting to what Governors and the topics that were importants through decades and decades, such as education. Also, I decided to read this book backwards, and read the most recent inaugural address first, which happens to be Jeb Bush's 2003 inaugural. If you are a politico, I would highly recommend this book.

With Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on the horizon, I thought it was appropriate to attempt finishing a book related to MLK Jr. or the nonviolence movement before the holiday. Audible had My Life, My Love, My Legacy by Coretta Scott King as told to the Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds. Mrs. King worked with Rev. Reynolds for thirty years to put the book together, and the book was published posthumously. The New York Times reviewed the book just before its release. It is incredible how blunt Coretta Scott King is about the relationship with her husband Martin Luther King, Jr. It is also amazing how much suffering and tragedy she endured throughout her life and was able to still have a positive outlook, and still continue practicing nonviolence. What would be great is if all were able to learn and practice nonviolence as she and her husband had.

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