Now that the City of Eastpointe has signed a Consent Decree with the Department of Justice, and that Consent Decree has been approved by a US District Court Judge, it is time to implement Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV).

The City is working on an education plan for ranked-choice voting, and in the meantime, I wanted to share as much useful information as possible.

This November 5th, we have a municipal election. The Mayoral election will use our regular style of voting, but the City Council's election of two seats will use ranked-choice voting. To vote using RCV, rank all of your candidates in order starting with one. The City then counts the vote using rounds, eliminating the lowest vote-getter one-at-a-time until there are only two winners who receive more than one-third of the total votes (the other third is all of the other votes).

We are currently working on plans with Fair Vote and Rank MI Vote. Fair Vote shared a great link with me explaining how votes are counted in multiple winner elections (the example the link uses is with three winners, while our election will have two). Another great resource for information is the Ranked Choice Voting Center.

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