While most roads in Eastpointe are in good (or fair) condition, some are in poor condition. We need to explore all options to fix these roads in poor condition. I have posted about roads before. Also, I have created a Google Map with what I have perceived as the changes since 2017, only including the roads that were PASER ratings of 2 or 3 in 2017. The map is intended to be a rough reference going into a discussion about fixing the roads in poor condition in Eastpointe. It is not meant to be perfect, as I am not a civil engineer or DPW employee. The City's professional employees and contractors would eventually review the roads (and most likely in the spring/summer when there is no snow hindering observation) and make a professional opinion, if City Council takes steps in that direction. At our last City Council meeting, we passed a motion asking our Finance Director Randy Blum to come up with different options on fixing this problem. It is expected that at our next Council meeting, which includes goal setting, that we will be provided these options.

Governor Whitmer announced in her State of the State yesterday her proposal to bond for $3.5 billion to fix the roads, and the Michigan Transportation Commission approved the proposal. While this proposal brings no new funding to local roads (none will be passed on to Eastpointe or Macomb County), it does include a new project that will improve travel for Eastpointers: a rebuild of I-94 from Eight Mile Road to 11 Mile Road, with construction in 2021. The plan also brings improvements to bridges: rehabilitation of 12 bridges on or over I-94 between Eight Mile Road and 11 Mile Road, with construction also in 2021. It was expected that Eight Mile in Eastpointe was to be repaved last summer, and was not. I will have to follow up on this project, and see if it is going to be completed in 2021.

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