The City Council opened up a community discussion regarding marijuana regulations at their Tuesday, December 4, 2018, regular meeting. The State currently allows commercial medical marijuana facilities with elected municipal board approval, as well as growing at home as a caregiver. Eastpointe has not, at this point, opted-in for commercial medical marijuana facilities. With the passing of Proposal 1 on November 6 - with 55% of voters statewide voting in favor, and 67% of voters in Eastpointe voting in favor - recreational marijuana use and business will become legal in Michigan. As of today, recreational marijuan is legal, so long as the user has no more than 2.5 ounces on them, or 10 ounces stored away in a locked container. Both medical marijuana users and recreational marijuana users can only use on private property. Folks cannot smoke at the park, or while they are walking down the street.

City Council voted 3-0 to approve Joseph Sobota's contract, after the Council previously voting 5-0 to extend an offer to him. His expected start date is Monday, October 15, and we look forward to working with him! The Macomb Daily wrote an article about our hire, and you can read it here.

The Arts & Cultural Diversity Commission had its inaugural meeting tonight at 7pm. All nine members were in attendance, in addition to Economic Development Director Mary Van Haaren, Interim City Manager Ryan Cotton, and Councilwoman Monique Owens. The members of the commission are Brandon Habermas, Joyce Lalonde, Christopher Charron, Deana Williams, April Brozowski, Sandy Koukoulas, Danielle Pomaville, Matthias Krezner and Alysa Diebolt.

Mary Van Haaren has previously suggested we paint murals throughout the City, especially on the masonry walls behind businesses. I have suggested we look at a contest through Eastpointe Community Schools to paint a warning by the storm drains that go to Lake St. Clair. In St. Clair Shores these drains are clearly marked so that the public is more aware and less likely to litter and pour unwanted liquids down the drain. Also, it would be neat to "wrap" transformers as has been done in downtown Detroit, or paint the garbage cans throughout the parks. A great cultural event that my fraternity Delta Sigma Phi hosted when I was an undergraduate was the Dance for Peace. We invited student organizations throughout the school to come and perform a dance, and also share their favorite cultural dishes. 

In the end though it will be up to the Arts & Cultural Diversity Commission to think outside the box and suggest initiatives to the City Council!

Our civil engineering firm AEW has recently completed a Pavement and Surface Evaluation Rating Assessment, and I would like to share the results with you.

To see a map of the ratings, click here.

To see a map of road types, click here.

To see the entire report, please click here.

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